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Kelleys Island





By water:  Marblehead Departure (Kelleys Island Ferry) 419-798-9763                                            (if you want to bring your car to the island,                                   this is your only option)
                    Sandusky Departure (Jet Express) 800-245-1538,


By air:        From Catawba or Sandusky (Griffing Air Service)  1-800-368-3743
                   Kelleys Island Airport -

                   Fares are subject to seasonal rates - please confirm with carrier.  Scheduled                          times vary with the season.  Boat dockage is available.   Additional                                           transportation information can be obtained at .

Are pool and beach towels provided?  Yes, we provide both.
* Do you rent for less than a week?  Not typically - please email or call me to discuss.
* Are there restaurants on Kelleys Island?  Yes, there are quite a few different restaurants on the island as well as snack/ice cream/coffee shops.  The main restaurants include: The Casino, Captains Quarters, The Village Pump, Bag the Moon, Dockers, The Caddyshack, Kelleys Island Brew Company, The Kelleys Island Winery, The West Bay Inn, Seaway Marina, and Papa T's.  
* Are there grocery stores on Kelleys Island?  There is a small general store that sells groceries, year round.  They do have a good selection of items though, including fresh meats and vegetables, breads, dairy products, canned goods, etc. at reasonable prices.
* Can bikes be rented on Kelleys Island?  Yes, bikes and golf carts can be rented at a number of places.  Both are excellent ways to get around and explore the island.
* Is temporary boat dockage available?  Yes, there are 3 public marinas that offer boat dockage.  Most are on a first-come, first-serve basis, although they typically have availability.
* Is there a public beach on Kelleys Island, and if so, can you walk to it?  There is a very nice public beach area on the north side of the island.  Our condo is on the south side of the island, which is about a mile away from the beach.
* Is there a hospital/medical facility on Kelleys Island?  There isn't a hospital, but there is ambulance service and emergency medical facilities.  There are also police and fire services on the island.
* Are there banks or ATMs on Kelleys Island?  There are a few ATM machines located on the island, including at the Seaway Marina and most of the restaurants.
* Are there gas stations on Kelleys Island?  The Seaway Marina offers both diesel and regular fuel for cars or boats. 

Island Attractions

Take a leisurely walk along the lakeshore, visit the shopping region, or enjoy the nearby restaurants.  There is something of interest for everyone on Kelleys Island.  There is ferry boat service to Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay, and Sandusky.  There are self-guided bicycle and hiking trails along with bicycle, golf cart, and jet ski rentals.  Fishing and sailing charters are available for your pleasure.  Miniature golf, swimming on the beach, visiting historic sites such as the Glacial Grooves or Inscription Rock are waiting for you.  A state park on the north shore has camping facilities and a sand beach for swimming. 

After the sun has set on the western shore you can visit the many restaurants that are ready for your dining enjoyment.  Later in the evening there are several establishments that provide a variety of entertainment for the adult crowd.

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